On Purpose Management coaches, trains and advises managers and their teams so that they can improve their service sustainably and on purpose. We help them to discover their purpose and show how to improve customer and employee experiences using practical methods such as 23plusone and journey mapping..  

On Purpose Management

Breng de purpose van jouw team tot uiting in een journey map tijdens deze nieuwe workshop.

Why we get up in the morning?

Through purpose discovery we help leaders and their teams to put their purpose into words.
Playfully pushing boundaries, we translate purpose into action, connecting purpose (heart) and insight (head) to practical actions (hands).

On Purpose

Purpose driven change

The name 'On Purpose Management' was inspired by the book 'On Purpose' by Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan. 
We advise, coach and train based on the leadership principles outlined in their brilliant book. 




De essence of a Purpose

Using 23plusone you find out what makes your (personal) brand attractive, which personal drivers are most important to you, and what the essence of your purpose is and how to put it into words.

6 step journey mapping workshop

Journey Mapping in 1 day

Journey mapping techniques help to metaphorically step into your customers' of employee's shoes, in search of areas that need improvement. During this workshop, you learn how to visualise journeys, and
unveil moments of truth, pain and pleasure.

Simon Sinek

Find your why

Simon Sinek's TED Talk in 2009 has been viewed millions of times, worldwide. We use his methods to identify the contributions and impact that leaders and their teams have on others, so they become more aware of how they can focus on what really matters. 

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